Visual and Performing Arts reach your goals as an artist with a results-oriented push!

Worthy Acts is here to help you if you are in the visual and performing arts community!Worthy Acts is also here for the presenter, looking to find worthy acts as well as keep up on industry news.!

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Would you like to be encouraged someone else was on your team? If you could benefit from an  results-oriented push, becoming a Worthy Act could be exactly what you’re looking for!!
Over 1,500 Performing Arts Centers will be contacted on your behalf. Only twelve will be chosen for each season! But you must apply to be considered!
All of the Worthy Acts on this site have gained the label of a Worthy Act by not only auditioning, but having the materials you need to book and promote them withdefined genre, promotional materials and proven track record. Worthy Acts is not a booking agency, but helps artists with promotion and focus.

For the visual and performing arts! Dedicated to helping you move forward in your career with an experienced, results-oriented push!

As most visual and performing arts presenters have very little time, we look to promote your act in a quick, easy way to understand and book, directly through you!

Meet Deborah Johnson, President of Worthy Acts

What we do for Artists

  • Social Media Blast to over 1,500 tested arts presenters professionals
  • Short Infomercial Video created for your act.
  • Dedicated Worthy Acts webpage with your booking information, video and links.
  • Inclusion in promotion throughout the season.
  • Inclusion in snail-mail mailer August 2015 to over 1,500 tested performing arts professional presenters.
  • Consulting session with Deborah, with tips sent to direct box throughout the season.
  • See absolutely free downloads at the bottom of this page!

Let’s See What Some Have To Say about Deborah Johnson.

Deborah is an experienced professional artist who has been a successfulVisual and Performing Arts artist and entrepreneur for a number of years!

“Deborah understands the politics and the paperwork to represent you. But more importantly her work ethic and concern for you will never let you down. Your marketing dollars are always in good hands with Deborah Johnson.”
Mike Vaccaro, Performing Arts music contractor, L.A. freelance musician, Partner at
“Deborah Johnson is a pro. Her ideas are fresh; her openness is genuine; and her follow-through is unmatched.”
Peter Lesnik, Presenter, Producer, Executive Director and Consultant
“Deborah Johnson has extensive, long-term experience and knowledge of the Performing Arts market. The resources she offers through Worthy Acts are an amazing marketing resource for any artist looking to expand their bookings in Performing Arts theaters around the U.S.”
Monique Roy, President, Regime Entertainment Group LLC
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It costs nothing to apply, and there is very little cost for what you receive for the season. (only a fraction of what others charge!)

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